What’s Young Writers’ City all about? Excelsior students tell it like it is.

Students from Excelsior Academy were asked to tell us all about Young Writers’ City for Newcastle-based newspaper The Chronicle. Jolene and James put it much better than we could, so we’ll let them do the talking.


Young Writers’ City is a New Writing North project that runs at Excelsior Academy. There’s all different kinds of writing groups going on and you can pick which suits you. It helps you find people who share the same interests and the atmosphere is fun and supportive. The workers at Young Writers’ City listen to what you think about something and they work the ideas about what you want to do into the project. They are interested in our perspective and how we see the world. It opens up new windows in your mind. The most beneficial thing is how they bring up your confidence and gently push you out of your comfort zone. Then before you know it you are doing something you never thought you would be doing.


People knew me as the shy kid. But that started changing when I joined Young Writers’ City. It started when Fred and Emily came into my class to run a rap group. Back then I used to be terrified of singing, or performing in any sort of way. When they found out I could sing and asked us to sing in class I started shaking. But they’ve helped me find my confidence in my writing and my performing. They understand me. They amplify me. Now I’ve performed at Saint James’ Park,’ I helped write a song called “I Have a Dream,” and it’s about how music can help to bring people together. I’m also working with the singer Jennie Brewis and my mate to make an E.P and I’m going to be in the school production of Les Miserables. So I used to be known as the shy kid who never talked but now I am known as the Boy with the Voice.