Our Work

Since Young Writers’ City began in 2015, young people from across Newcastle have written their own poems, raps, songs, screenplays, made films, zines, created anthologies, and generally been busy doing lots of creating and writing. You’ll find some of our work here.

Queer Youth

‘Queer Youth’ was written by Holly Stamp a member of our Proud Words project. As a result of her success in this programme she has received further mentoring from us through our Northern Rock Talent Development Fund.

My Father is Water. My Mother is Fire.

‘My Father is Water. My Mother is Fire.’ was written by Tessy, one of our Young Writers’ City participants from Excelsior Academy, in the sprint term of 2017. Tessy is a member of the programme’s lunch time screenwriting group, and as a result of her participation in Young Writers’ City, now attends our Cuckoo Young Writers’ group on Saturdays at Newcastle Central Library.

I am the City

I am the City was written by students at Excelsior Academy in in 2016 and describes Newcastle from the perspective of the young people. Only recently has I am the City found a voice, recorded in the summer term 2017.

Make a Vow

It’s not just the young people of Young Writers’ City who have been inspired to write. Excelsior Academy Drama Teacher, Holly Knox, wrote the poem ‘Make a Vow’ whilst supporting a Young Writers’ City trip to Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art to experience the exhibition Disappearance at Sea – Mare Nostrum.

The City is a Game - Songwriting with Liz Corney

In the 2016 summer term, students in Year 8 and 9 at Excelsior Academy worked with songwriter Liz Corney to write their own songs. The theme of the term was The City is a Game, and the groups wrote their own lyrics, created their own melodies and recorded the song together.


Blanks was written and performed by students in Milburn at Excelsior Academy during the summer term 2016. The group drove the concept of the film with their pure passion for gaming. Set to sinister, poetic narration, it follows a seemingly ordinary schoolboy who suddenly wakes up in the world of a live-die-repeat video game where friends have been replaced by blank, emotionless robots. He finds he is trapped within a cycle of death and rebirth, and must fight his way through familiar but now deadly scenarios.

Every Day I Wake Up

‘Every Day I Wake Up’ was developed and written first thing on a Monday morning in the depths of winter. It is no coincidence that it reflects those familiar feelings of the cycle of dragging yourself out of bed in the dark morning after morning and the cold trek to school.

Take Off

The film Take Off was written by students in Collingwood in the spring term 2016. The drifting voices intertwine with a sequence of everyday images and transport the viewer out of the confines of the ordinary and off into the eerie daydream of an imagined journey away from earth and out into space.

This Makes Me

The film This Makes Me was written by students in Collingwood during winter 2015/2016 to accompany the track they had written. The film tells the story of two young people who have been hired by adversarial agencies and assigned to kill each other.

It's an Ordinary Day at Walbottle Campus

Students at Walbottle Campus wrote It's an Ordinary Day about their everyday lives and experiences, both in and out of school.