It is an ordinary day at Walbottle Campus

In June 2015, Young Writers’ City took poet Bob Beagrie and graphic designer Mark Warner to Walbottle Campus, and matched them up with a group of young people. Working intensively together over a number of weeks, our inaugural Young Writers City team created a group poem about their everyday lives and experiences. Then they got a bit cheeky, and created slogans on vinyl signs to playfully subvert some of the “motivational wall-art” in Walbottle Campus: “Stop Running” then “Carry on” on the school “rat run” corridor and “What time do you call this?” under the school clock.

The signs were put in place overnight. No one apart from a select few (and senior management!) knew where they’d come from. Students feared spy-cams, surveillance or cult infiltration of the school. Everyone talked about words.

A week later the full poem was unveiled as a permanent feature in the Sixth Form café. The poem was performed by the group, they shared a zine of their work, and gave out postcards and badges to spread the word about the project.

You can read more about the project in the press article here.