Freedom Writers Group visit Baltic

At the end of March 2017, the Young Writers’ City Freedom Writers Group based at Excelsior Academy visited the Disappearance at Sea – Mare Nostrum  exhibition at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

Every Friday the Freedom Writers group meet at school, working with writer Emily Wiseman on a script that has been inspired by the film of the same name. Based on a true story, the film tells of a teacher and her “unteachable” students who changed their lives through writing.

At their trip to Baltic, the young people explored the Mare Nostrum exhibition, learning about the journeys undertaken by migrants and refugees across the Mediterranean Sea.

This was the first time the young people had been to Baltic. They captured their responses to the gallery by film and after exploring the exhibition, met in Baltic library to discuss, debate and write. The group will be using their experience to inform their characters in their script.

The students weren’t the only ones inspired by the exhibition. Drama teacher Holly Knox came along with us and wrote this stirring piece which was set to music and film by the group’s lead writer Emily.

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