The City is a Game – Ubisoft visit YWC at Excelsior

The City is a Game, and We are the Players.

In 2016, students from Milburn school in Excelsior Academy made Blanks, a film that transported us to a world in which the school became a video game and the students its players. From making this film, we found out just how much our Young Writers’ City participants know about video games (hint: a lot, loads more than the YWC team – eek!), and how talented they are creating video game worlds.

In November, we invited Ian Mayor, Senior Narrative Designer at Ubisoft Reflections to come in for a premier of the film. Ian told the students all about his journey into writing narratives for video games (top tip: always do creative things – as well as writing video game narratives, Ian also makes films and does illustration), and led the group in a workshop of creating their own game-worlds.

Ian loved Blanks, and picked up a few recommendations from the young people while he was there.

Watch Blanks here…