Write for Cuckoo Chronicle

Cuckoo Chronicle is our online bi-annual literary magazine, written by young people aged 15-21. Its aim is to showcase high quality, innovative writing and support emerging writers.

Cuckoo Chronicle is also edited by a committee of young people (also aged 15-21), who read all the submissions, give feedback and decide on the editorial direction of Cuckoo Chronicle.

We accept poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, excerpts from longer fiction (providing they make sense as a stand alone piece) and creative non-fiction (not reviews).

We also love to receive audio/ video, so we also accept songs, performances and short films. We like it best when you’re creative with your writing and the means of presenting it.

Cuckoo Chronicle is published twice a year.

Cuckoo Chronicle is currently taking a break. Sign-up to our young people’s mailing list using the link below to be the first to find out about any writing opportunities in the future. 

Submission Guidelines

Read Cuckoo Chronicle. This will help you suss out what kind of thing we like. The best way of becoming a Cuckoo Chronicle writer is to be a Cuckoo Chronicle reader!

Please submit your work in an attachment (NOT the body of the email). One piece of work per attachment please! Make sure the title of the work and your name are included on each piece.

Word limits are:
Poetry: no word limit, but we prefer recordings of long poems!
Short fiction/ Non-fiction/ Periodical: maximum 1000 words
Flash fiction: maximum 300 words

We accept a maximum of 5 submissions per person.

Please do not send Cuckoo Chronicle school essays. They will not be published.

We accept simultaneous submissions (which means that you can submit your work to other publications at the same time you submit to us). However, please let us know if a submission gets accepted elsewhere.

Please include a short bio in the body of the email (100 word max.)

We accept work on any theme. If you would like to submit something inspired by this issue’s chosen theme, the theme is Friendship.

Submissions should be sent to cuckoo@newwritingnorth.com

We will reply to you to acknowledge receipt of your work but then you won’t hear from us again until after the Editorial Committee has met and a decision about your work has been made. If you have any questions while you wait, email cuckoo@newwritingnorth.com. We’re a friendly bunch and will get back to you asap.

Be aware that we will copy edit your work if it is selected for publication. We may offer editorial suggestions, but won’t make any substantial changes without consulting the author of the piece.

If you would like to get more involved with Cuckoo Chronicle and are based in the north east of England, you can join the editorial committee. No experience is necessary and meetings take place four times a year in Newcastle upon Tyne. We will be recruiting for editors in the next few weeks so keep an eye out if you’d like to get involved.

If you are doing Arts Award…

Submitting to Cuckoo Chronicle offers the opportunity to get your creative work published and to share it with others.