Write about (human) rights!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit despondent about recent world events. The Orlando shootings, the murder of Jo Cox MP, terrorism, the refugee crisis- it can all feel either strangely distanced from our everyday lives or terrifying close.

In partnership with our pals at Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts, Cuckoo Young Writers is excited to offer two exclusive workshops for young writers (12-19) which will give you space to think about these issues and how political events big and small have a bearing on our own lives and how we express that through our writing.

“Poetry of Witness” is a term developed by the poet Caroline Forché which describes this process- how our personal lives and the political world collide and what effect it has on us and our writing.

You can read more about poetry of witness and human rights on the fabulous Young Poets Network: http://ypn.poetrysociety.org.uk/features/carolyn-forche-in-conversation-with-shami-chakrabarti/

Writing produced in the sessions will appear on both the Cuckoo and NCLA website  and may be produced as exclusive podcasts!

You don’t have to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of global politics to come along- just an interest in the world and “issues”. All else will be revealed in the sessions!

Sessions take place at the usual Cuckoo time of 11am-1pm at Newcastle City Library (Room 7) on 16 and 23 July. The first session will be lead by poet John Challis and the second by a mystery guest writer (i.e. we don’t know yet!)

If you’d like to get involved or need more information, email laura@newwritingnorth.com or phone 0191 201 8851.

For more information about Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts, have a look at there website here: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/ncla/

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