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Young Writers’ City first came about in April 2015. We wanted to make Newcastle THE place to be for young writers, and so we sought out young people from across the city – particularly in the West End, Walker and Walbottle – to come and do some creative writing with us, running lots of projects with different writers and different groups of young people. We worked with schools, community groups, ran taster sessions and started producing lots of work with young people from across the city including poems, films, screenplays and even an exhibition.

We started projects in lots of schools and community groups (which you can read all about here), and most notably we joined forces with Excelsior Academy where we have been working for two whole years so far, and where we plan to work for at least five more (ages!). At Excelsior, like our other projects in schools, we team professional writers up with groups of young people. In this case we have four writers every week taking over English classes, running lunch time groups and mentoring young people. So if Newcastle is the best city to be a young writer, then Excelsior is a pretty exciting school to be one too!

Loads of the young people we have worked with didn’t really like writing before; they thought it was boring (school Shakespeare snore*), they might not have had a chance to try it out before or it just didn’t seem like a thing they’d be interested in. But since working together with our team of rappers, songwriters, poets, screenwriters and more, lots of our Young Writers’ City-ers have found that they are talented writers and would like to do a bit more of it.

So what’s next? Now we’re hatching plans to make the Young Writers’ City programme even bigger. We’ll continue to do lots of work in Newcastle, but next up we’ll be working with a school in Sunderland, so soon these pages will be full of work from both Tyneside and Wearside. Watch this space…

*Disclaimer: We actually really like Shakespeare.

“We learnt that people write things from their heart and why would we laugh at that instead of appreciating it. We laughed but we didn’t laugh at each other, we laughed with each other.” Student, 13.


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Young People! If you like what we do at Young Writers’ City, you’ll love our Cuckoo Young Writers groups. Open to all young people aged 12-19, the groups are drop in, so you can come along and get involved at any time.

Cuckoo Young Writers groups take place in:

South Shields

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"I am learning how to stand up for myself and to be unique and to use my voice and to celebrate that. I wouldn’t have gone to Cuckoo if you hadn’t done Young Writers' City. Just like I wouldn’t go and see a movie without seeing a trailer. You need to have a taste of what something might be like. I have started making friends with different people, you know like (Name) from (School) who likes writing all that gory stuff. She's not the kind of person I would normally be friends with. But I like her. She's nice." Student, 14


Young Writers’ City is one big collaboration and without all of these wonderful people we wouldn’t be able to do all of the work we do. We’ve worked with lots of schools, community groups and young people, including these guys…

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