Take on writer’s block and WIN! Melinda Salisbury helps us get our inspiration back…

Sometimes writing can feel VERY VERY difficult. Sometimes you just get stuck. But when writer’s block hits, there are some failsafe techniques that can help you rediscover that inspiration and get writing again.


Novelist Melinda Salisbury, author of The Sin Eater’s Daughter, shares top tips for getting your writing mojo back.

Go Outside

Nothing stifles creativity and ideas like being stuck indoors. Get outside. Walk a different way to one you normally would. Go to a different part of town, or a different city altogether if you can. You’ll see things that are new to you, you’ll notice things you haven’t noticed before and all of that will feed your writing.


Read everything. Read books you’ve never read before, read books you’ve read 1000 times. Read newspapers, and signposts. Read the ingredients on food packets. Read gravestones and notices in shop windows. Every single word you read is yours for the taking, and they’ll teach you how and when to use them, and use them well.


Take your mind off its leash and let it go for a wander, and you’ll be amazed at what it does when it thinks you’re not paying attention. I had the idea for my first book in the shower, we all know JK Rowling was staring out of a window on a train when she first thought of Harry Potter. Indulge in flights of fancy. Go with it.


Be nosy. Sit and listen to people on the bus, on the train. Sit in cafes and eavesdrop on conversations. People are brilliant; they are funny and sweet and sad and scary and messy and unfathomable. Every person you listen to will have a story, and one day you might get to mine their story for your own work. Plus it will teach you a lot about writing dialogue and how different people speak.


Some days the words won’t come and you’ll hate everything and it’ll take three hours to write 50 words and you’ll delete them anyway. But you have to keep going. Take a break, take a walk, but come back to it because if you don’t it will become this huge wall in your mind that will take a lot longer to get over. So write. Make time whenever you can and don’t worry about the quality at first. You can polish your work later. Just keep the words dripping out until they flood the page. If you want to be a writer, more than anything else, you have to write.