Should We Stay or Should We Go? Cuckoos have their say on the EU referendum…

Since May, an intrepid group of Cuckoos have been working with writer Susannah Pickering to separate EU fact from EU fiction in preperation for the referendum.

The group has met with MEPs (such as North East Labour MEP Jude Kirton-Darling, who is in the photo!), academics and Newcastle University’s Street Law team in an effort to understand what is maybe one of the most divisive campaigns in memory. After meeting with representatives from all sides of the debate, they worked with Susannah to respond creatively to what they’d learned.

They wrote poetry, prose and polemic which was all bound up in our alternative EU campaign brochure, Should We Stay or Should We Go?, and distributed to the press, policy makers and other important types to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and their views are reprensented.

Here’s just a taste of the work produced….

Natasha has just turned 18 and despite the EU referendum being her very first chance to vote (squeal!!), at the start of the project she was unregistered and confused about the whole EU thing. I think almost everyone in the UK will identify a bit with the ambivalance which her poem neatly expresses.

However, by the end of the project she is a slightly-less-confused REGISTERED VOTER! We still can’t guess which way she’s going to go, though!

Dani was very much REMAIN from the start. As a student of French and English at Durham University, she is a total Francophile  as well as a great writer. It also turns out that she has Paxman-esque qualities buried within her and her thoughful but interrogative questioning of our MEP was a sight to behold!

Thomas was another one who we didn’t manage to shift far from his original position, as an unambiguous LEAVE campaigner. His deep suspicion of the lack of accountability in the EU meant that even his frequently embarrassment at the antics of Boris and Nigel couldn’t turn him!

Should We Stay or Should We Go? was produced in partnership with Isis Arts.