New Music Videos from Sunderland’s Cuckoo Young [Song] Writers

“A supportive, creative group that enabled fantastic opportunities”

During Summer 2016, our Cuckoo Young [Song] Writers Group in Sunderland worked with musicians Martin Longstaff, Natasha Haws and Rebecca Young to write their own lyrics and create their own songs.

We’re so proud to be able to show you one of the performances by Cuckoos Brendan Ho and Matthew Lee.

(And if this makes you want to join up, all the details of our groups are here:

"I enjoyed feeling free to express myself"

"I will definitely write more as a result of receiving some helpful advice from the visiting musicians"

“I’m going to begin busking and have now started a band with someone I met at the group!”

A huge thank you to musicians Martin Longstaff, Natasha Haws and Rebecca Young. Special mentions to our visiting musicians Jake Houlsby and Naomi Griffin and Pop Recs Ltd. for giving our Cuckoos the space to rock out. And of course to all of the Sunderland young [song] writers.

If you enjoyed this performance check out the other performances on our YouTube channel