The morning after the night before: Cuckoos talk Brexit

As I’m sure none of you will have failed to notice, last Thursday the UK made a HUGE decision about the future of the country: to leave the EU. Following the results, Cuckoos got angry and we received a HUGE (and largely unprompted) outpouring from our young writers on social media and at Cuckoo groups.

Emily from our Sunderland group sent us a poem the next day. It seems to reflect the general Cuckoo mood of frustration, anger and fear at the future.

And it’s hard to ignore the statistics: YouGov repoted that 75% of 18-24 year olds voted to remain compared to 39% of 65+ year olds. Overwhelmingly, the young people getting in touch with us felt that they had been betrayed by an older generation who had voted for a future that the young don’t want.

And even more than that, those younger than 18 were LIVID that they weren’t able to have their say on such a huge decision.

Brexit was also the topic that could not be ignored at all of our Cuckoo groups on Saturday. At our Sunderland group, the young songwriters wrote protest songs- one 12 year old group member wrote in her lyrics: “I don’t want to be a trampled flower left behind in the destruction of an older generations blindness”.

And at our Young Writers’City project in Exceslsior Academy- where the school population is incredibly culturally diverse- some families are already making plans to leave the UK. A 12 year old said to our Project Coordinator, “Emily, we don’t feel welcome here anymore“. Which seems to suggest that some of the things the Cuckoos feared are indeed coming true.

So, I suppose the question is what do you all do next? How will you let the decision makers know how you feel? How will you change things? Let us know on social media or write about it!

And if you want to write about how world issues affect you, come along to our Poetry of Witness sessions in Newcastle in July. We want to hear your voice.

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