Join a Cuckoo Young Writers group!

Our Cuckoo groups are back and better than ever and they’re all totally free! Come and visit us in all our usual locations – Newcastle, Sunderland, Warkworth, Cramlington and South Shields.



As always, all our groups are totally free and are a chance to meet other young writers aged 12-19. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re already a prolific writer or whether you just want to come along and have a go- all are welcome!

All our groups are lead by a professional writer and a group leader. They’re creative, supportive environments where you can get feedback on your work, try out new styles of writing and work towards something super-exciting, like a pamphlet, a zine or a performance.

To find out all the details of when and where groups will be happening and what they’ll be doing, click here: 

And if you still aren’t sure about coming along, take a look at this beautiful animation that our Warkworth group made about what they think is brilliant about our groups:

“Writing is really fun, because the universe is yours and there are a million possibilities for what you can do with it. You don’t have much control over many parts of your life when you are young, but the fate of your fictional worlds are entirely in your hands”

If you want any more information about how to join a group, please email or phone 0191 204 8850.