Help our Cuckoo Young [Song] Writers make beautiful music!

Our brilliant young song writers, who have been meeting since the beginning of the year, desperately need some musical instruments they can call their own!

At the moment the group relies on the few group members who have their own equipment: we’d like to be able to provide some basic instruments, so that not having/ being able to afford instruments is not a barrier to getting involved. The group is going from strength to strength and we want to make possible for everyone to fully participate!

1. Donate some money to our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN– our target is modest and we’ll be scouring ebay to make any money donated go as far as possible. There are also some lovely rewards for any generosity.

2. If you have any instruments gathering dust at the back of a cupboard, donate them to our MUSICAL INSTRUMENT AMNESTY! We’re after all things- from drum machines to tambourines- so if you have anything you think we could use, please email (We don’t mind if things are well-used but they have to be in playable condition!!)

Any donation, large or small, will be appreciated greatly!