Exclusive creepypasta from Newcastle Cuckoo Young Writers

Since September, our Newcastle Cuckoo Young Writers group has been working with horror writer Matt Wesolowski and group leader Becky Orwin to write creepypastas.

For those of you not in the know (which included Cuckoo until relatively recently!), a creepypasta is a bite-size bit of scariness (could be a story, a video or a picture) that can be cut and pasted around the internet. There are creepypasta characters (Slender Man, Jeff the Killer), creepypasta blogs and even creepypasta novels (Penpal by Dathan Auerbach).

So, as a special Halloween treat, we thought we’d share some of our young writers’ spooky stories. Beware: may cause sleepless nights!

Perfection by Lucy Playford

Lucy is 12 years old and a member of our Newcastle Cuckoo Young Writers Group.

“I stared, transfixed, horrified at her face. It was changing … oh God, it was melting! Her face was melting!! As the skin dripped like lard down her neck, all I could do was watch, my mouth open in an silent scream. One eye slid out of its socket, and oozed into the rest of her melting flesh. But … there was no skull underneath … only what looked horribly like … plastic?”

Read the full story here: PERFECTION BY LUCY PLAYFORD.


Red Glows and Black Backgrounds by Thomas Stoker

Thomas is 14 years old and a member of our Newcastle Cuckoo Young Writers Group.

“He was about to close down his camera app, which was facing him rather than the wall, when his eye caught the thing lingering in the corner of the screen, It resembled nothing except pure horror – something primal, emaciated…. withered. As he began to run, he caught the camera button. A screaming comet, he sped through students, cafes and trees to the crossing. As lightning he sped. As a pin, he dropped. The only noise he heard was a thud. The only sights that graced his vision were the black of a Volkswagen and the red of his blood.”


The Statue by Maisie Goodfellow

Maisie is 12 years old and a member of our Newcastle Cuckoo Young Writers Group.

“In second the girl felt herself choking on something overwhelmingly metallic and wet. The world swirled around her- she was dizzy, so dizzy, it was so, so painful…”

Read the full story here: THE STATUE BY MAISIE GOODFELLOW