Ever wondered what’s so great about Cuckoo groups? Let our Amble Cuckoos tell you!

“Anyone can come to a Cuckoo Young Writers group- you don’t have to worry about fitting in. As long as you love writing or just want to find out more about writing, as long as out are willing to make an effort and join in, then you are welcome. And it doesn’t take long to feel like you belong.”

Since the beginning of the year, our Cuckoo Young Writers Group in Amble have been working on screen writing and animation with Emily Wiseman. They chose to make their final work about why they love writing and why the love coming to a Cuckoo group (we didn’t make them, honest!!).

And, voila!, here are the results, a beautiful, funny and moving animation about the joys of creating, spoken in the young writers’ own words.We couldn’t say it any better ourselves!

(And if this makes you want to join up, all the details of our groups are here: http://www.cuckoowriters.com/get-involved/join-a-cuckoo-young-writers-group/)

"When I'm at school I don't always feel like I can talk about the stuff I want to talk about. I worry about what people might think. I feel different and what I want to say doesn't necessarily feel like the right thing. So often I find I just keep my mouth shut. But when I come here there doesn't feel like a right or wrong thing to say. I can say anything at all and we all support and respect each other"

"I think for me it's just the idea of doing all this crazy, cool stuff and not being told what to do with words. It's exciting"

“Writing is really fun, because the universe is yours and there are a million possibilities for what you can do with it. You don’t have much control over many parts of your life when you are young, but the fate of your fictional worlds are entirely in your hands”

A million thanks to animator Andy Lovegrove (who pulled the whole thing together) and producer Emily Wiseman for making this animation so brilliant. And to all of the Amble young writers.