Enter the Cuckoo Young Writers Award 2016

Apply for the Cuckoo Young Writers Award 2016 TODAY!

The award is designed to support the development of one young writer, aged 14-18, who writes poetry, prose or creative non-fiction and is based in the North of England. Our judge this year is Louise O’Neill, who was described by The Guardian as “the best YA fiction writer alive today”, so it’s fair to say she knows her onions. And you win £200!

The award is given every year as part of the Northern Writers’ Awards, which are the UK’s leading talent-development programme for both adult and young writers.

The winner of the 2015 Cuckoo Young Writers award was Zainab Abbass, a 16-year-old poet from Sheffield. She has a few words for those of you who might be unsure about entering your work:

“Being a young writer sometimes feels like you live your life in limbo; it’s a lot of uncertainty and poems on Costa napkins and not knowing how to get published or noticed. I didn’t think for one second I had a chance of winning so when I got the email during English Language, I was in such shock that I had to run to the toilets to perform a spontaneous one minute ritual of jumping up and down and staring in awe at the white tiles. It felt – and I truly mean it – amazing. “

To enter, you just need to upload some samples of your work (up to 2000 words of prose or 10 poems) and tell us why you’re entering the award. The deadline is 3 February 2016.

Click here to submit your entry: http://www.northernwritersawards.com/apply-the-cuckoo-young-writers-award-details-58.html


If you have any questions about entering the Cuckoo Young Writers Award 2016, email laura@newwritingnorth.com or phone 0191 204 8851.