Rose-tinted Bandanas by Rebecca Bradburn

Here, in the shattered alcove of what was once someone’s front room,
Where bodies are building blocks for walls,
Where food is scarce and goes too soon;
We create valleys, oceans, mountains between their values and our own.
’Off with his head.’
Now where were we? Oh yes.
Streak your faces green, white, red,
Let even your names represent what we stand for.
Shoulder your guns, lads,
Make a stand,
Honourably, knowing God will always welcome you-
’Take no prisoners.’
Don’t you know he is on our side?

We fight for freedom, the right to choose-
’A deserter? You know what to do.’
We fight for equality for all men,
A free state.
We fight those who wish to take it from us-
’No, not against the government.
I think you’re getting confused. ‘
-Bravely, without shame or fear.
’Masks on. Make sure nobody takes a photo of you.’

We’ll send children to do our dirty work.