The Revolution of Government by Daniel Marcus

A young man’s friend is killed by soldiers at a protest.

A military convoy is destroyed by anti-government forces; the young man is now among them.

Years later, a rebellion is officially announced; the young man stands proudly as a deputy.

City after city falls to the rebels, the people grateful for their freedom. The young man knows his friend’s memory has been honoured.

The rebels face defeat, their leader captured and executed by government troops; the young man steps up to become the new face of the rebellion.

The rebels surge in strength and numbers under the young man’s leadership; government troops defect in droves as the uprising approaches the nation’s capital.

The rebellion is triumphant; the blood of tyrants spatters the halls of government and the young man takes his place as the country’s new president.

The President passes laws granting freedoms to the people, who duly celebrate. He promises free and fair elections soon.

The process of rebuilding takes much longer than originally expected; the President promises free elections as soon as the country is strong again.

The country is hit by a financial crisis, causing the rebuilding effort to slow to a crawl; the President promises elections as soon as the situation has been stabilised.

The country is hit by a wave of terrorist attacks, adding to the work of the rebuilding effort; the President for Life vows to stop the threat at all costs.

The people rally against increasingly restrictive laws, abandoning the rebuilding effort to demand their freedom; the Supreme Leader sends the army in to restore order.

A young man’s friend is killed by soldiers at a protest.