Trigger by Carly Huneke

trigger noun. 1. A small device that releases a spring or catch and so sets off a mechanism, esp. in order to fire a gun: The light switch acts as a trigger for electricity. Pulsing through the filament like energy of someone with untouchable potential. 2. An event that causes something to happen: Her smile triggeredothers to – like a ripple affect they fell victim to her youthful open eyes. But you see she had a trigger inside her that would cause her to spiral much like the spring that composed the structure which would change her forever. Deep in her biology were bombs – time bombs, hide bombs, don’t go outside bombs. Her world imploded but not enough for a diagnosis. Intimidation – trigger. Tumbling towers put the horror in motion; trigger-happy men with a loyal devotion to a cause that left her a silent victim with no direct connections but a mind crippling condition. Where’s her compensation? There will always be medicine and always change of cognition but agoraphobic memories will always disrupt her remission. Trigger.