I am a Girl by Holly McKee

I am a girl and I am strong and independent
But lots has changed since I became an adolescent
You see the media has taken control
And all of its messages are starting to take their toll
Young women are being affected
By the sexism that is clearly neglected
Music videos portray woman as objects
The problem at hand is not complex
Men have control over the media
They could name it “A Man’s Encyclopedia”
About what they think they know about women
Look at the government, how many women do you see?
It kind of makes you think; maybe this country isn’t so free

Women are still looked down upon
And if you want to face the wrath of women then bring it on
Because women are smart and brave
And they will fight until they can engrave
The equality that they deserve

Into every man’s last nerve

They are powerful and should not be underestimated
The success of women should be celebrated
But instead they are patronized
And their qualities on the inside are not recognized
Physical appearance is the most critical
It makes men seem like they are truly cynical
Women need to have large chests
And men act as if it is some kind of test
To see which women have a nice ass
This supports the theory of men having little class
Making racy music videos that are disrespectful
Has made the music industry pretty disgraceful
If women don’t have stunning eyes
Or even a gap between their thighs
They are not beautiful
Does anyone not realize that is cruel?
Anorexia and bulimia
Are being glamorized by the media
Who in the hell decided this was okay?
Women should not have to look a certain way