A Lost Love by Hannah Morpeth

I adore receiving letters, providing phone bills, bank statements or hospital appointments are not included in this category. Letters say: I was thinking about you for long enough to make an effort to write it down and not just send a Facebook message which will get lost in the minefield of impersonal others.

Sadly, few people seem able enough to muster up this effort and would rather send you an email or something of the like, a somewhat half-effort. An email most commonly the result of a “I should probably catch up with…” thought; you suggest meeting up for a coffee or going out to dinner, a suggestion both sender and recipient know will never actually happen.

Now we turn to Twitter, a fabulous platform for heartless ‘miss you’s. I mean, who needs more than 140 characters to act like you care? The pièce de résistance comes in the form of a blog post. Now that, my friends, is what you call true dedication. In a blog post you can add a few pictures of memories you have together, maybe a song, a nice rambling, anecdote after anecdote of how much you miss someone. And the best bit? The whole of the internet can see it.

That is exactly where the problem lies – it is impersonal, made for the viewings of everyone. A letter is yours and only yours; you can show it to people if you want but it was tailored for you. I dare you to send a letter to someone today. GO.

P.S. All heartless tweets and loveless emails accepted with open arms.