A rumpled sheet of lined paper, and an envelope by Aysha Khan

Hello. Hope you are doing well.
First, I apologise for my handwriting.
I am writing this on the bus to work and
it is still very dark out.
There are not many streetlights where I live.

This is the woman who dropped her latte on you
in the door of the coffeehouse in Baltimore.
You may not remember me –

you undoubtedly have bigger fish to fry.
I was wearing a yellow blazer,
if that helps any.

But then, I spilled coffee on your iPhone.
So I think it would be reasonable
to assume that you remember me.



Enclosed is the money you requested
as compensation for your losses
and the damages our meeting wrought.

I deeply apologise for the one-week delay;
I had to make a few transactions
before removing anything from my bank account.
I looked up the price of the purse
I ruined and found that it sells for $400 to $500.
Your skirt was about the same.
I hope this was enough to cover for my mistake.

Again, I am so sorry for the pain
and suffering I have caused.
I am so sorry; so very sorry.
You have no earthly idea

how badly I wish to turn back time.
Neither words nor wealth
can convey my apology.