An Ode To Clownhood by Laurie Armstrong

I’ve always admired clowns,

They’re such delightful creatures,

They give a smile to all they meet,

And what distinguished features!

You won’t be too surprised then,

To here my small confession,

For some time now I’ve been consumed,

With thoughts of the profession.


It came to me in the big top,

I was shuffling in my seat,

When looking down I realised,

Hey, I have quite big feet!

Why slave away in offices,

To groans and coughs and sighs,

I’m drowning under paperwork,

It could be custard pies!

So I’ve bought the wig, I’ve donned the nose,

There’s an advert in Clown News,

“One bundle full of laughter,

Has own shoes.”


Now, you can’t take these things lightly,

Come on now, I know that,

There’s nothing funny in big braces,

And wearing silly hats.

But there’s something deep inside me,

It knows that I’ve been called,

Besides when all’s been said and done,

I look far better bald.