Celebration by Alice Buckley

Cut the cake
The guests roar
For goodness sake
We want some more!

Music on
Volume turned up
Cake’s all gone
Silly pup!

Party games
Now not so fun
They’re all the same
So – who’s won?

Party’s over
Sleepover time
More like wakeover
Past the midnight chime

Morning comes
All too soon
Here come the mums
Just before noon

After lunch
The grumps come on
Wishing I could punch
My little brother Tom

Flee to my room
Cry for a bit
Feeling like doom
Oh, I quit!

It’s an early night
Easy to fall asleep
The bed feels just right
As I lie in a heap

Sleep in late
Mum shakes me awake
Telling me it’s late
It’s for my own sake

It was a good celebration
With lots of cake for all
The games were quite fun
And the wakeover such a ball