The Kite in the Sunset by Anusha Ashok

I notice all things in a surprising new light,
The world around me has been veiled for years,
As if a dark, grey cloud had shrouded my sight.

Now I stare out the window in pure delight
At the stars hanging like alluring spheres,
After sunset surrenders to the starry night.

The radiant morning sun is set alight,
And from my dreary deathbed, I have no fears,
No dark grey cloud has shrouded my sight.

I sit out admiring the fluttering kite
High above the wafting clouds it appears,
Until sunset surrenders to the starry night.

The haunt of the trees cast shadows of fright.
But their deep, withered cries melt into the years
The dark grey clouds have shrouded their sight.

I wish my soul to fly like that soaring kite
And take me far before my eyes weep tears.
The painted sunset strokes surrender to starry night,
And dark grey clouds carry me home to the light.