Lost Things by Jocelyn Rimes

Today’s paper gone missing

Lost buttons are a mystery

What do they matter,

Lost pieces of nothing?


An old shoe goes away

A new one replaces it in a few days.

Nearly spent pens roll away

But what do I care?


I don’t miss them.

The seemingly useless human rubbish.

But, do they miss me?


The paper lodged behind the dresser.

What does it think as it rots away?

Its news no longer new,

Its paper nibbled and worn.


What about the lost buttons,

Who rolled under the cupboard?

Do they find use in a mouse nest

Or just rest on the floor losing their luster?


That old, dirty shoe,

Does it wish it was new?

Or does it not complain

As dogs chew its worn leather?


Or the army of pens,

Their ink now dried,

Wish they could cry,

Cry the last of their colours?


O what do I care

About the useless human rubbish,

That litters the corners?


It doesn’t care about me,

At least I don’t think.