Do Aliens Exist? by Luke Davis

Aliens are often either part of science fiction or practical jokes, but what are the chances of them actually being real? The answer, you may say, is “very unlikely”. But, for a moment, think about the possibility that they could actually exist. There are a few….


For example, thousands of years ago, the Mayans predicted that the world will end on the 21 December 2012. It is believed they used the stars to work that out. However, could it be that the aliens themselves warned the Mayans about an upcoming invasion? Unfortunately, if this was true, it may also mean the world will be invaded in 2012. Sorry about that…


At some point people are going to discover these aliens (hopefully before the big invasion in 2012) but don’t be frightened of them. One of the reasons they have to hide is probably because we’d be terrified of them or cruel to them. We want to stop animal cruelty, so why not stop alien cruelty as well?


I know lots of people will just point out the obvious: we don’t know for definite that they exist, which is true. ‘Alien sightings’ are usually simply hoaxes, and are people trying to gain attention by holding a frisbee on some string. However, how can people prove that they don’t exist? There is a possibility that sci-fi (science fiction) was not invented by humans, but by aliens themselves. It is likely that aliens have had a large input to Earth culture as well. Doctor Who brought across the message that aliens called the Silence were partially responsible for the moon landing; how do we know they haven’t been involved with other big events here on Earth?


So, as mad as this may seem, all of this adds up to one conclusion: aliens do exist, and at some point they’ll come to Earth and we humans can have a big party with them. Or they’ll fry us and eat us. But hopefully not.