I do by Kyla Dean

That girl sits in a daze
as the days fly by,
only crawling for her
when she sits down to cry.

Do you know that girl,
who thinks herself a shell? Pasting a smile on her face, even though she lives in hell? I do.

That boy stares at the wall, not knowing how to pray. That girl ended her daze the day before today.

Do you know that boy,
who thinks he loved all wrong? Refusing to talk to his friends, blaming himself that she’s gone? I do.

That mother cries in her room.
That father tries to be brave.
That family tries to make sense of it all, as that coffin sinks down in that grave.

So do you know that bully,
who’s decided to stay in the dark? Overwhelmed with the guilty feeling
of knowing her words found their mark? I do.