Sisters by Lily

My older sister Lisa and I had to share a bedroom. You know how that goes. We couldn’t agree on most things, and even though she was only a few years older, apparently “I just didn’t understand.” Her half of the room was a light Kelly green color, and mine was bright bubble gum pink. I have to say it’s been as glorious as I had expected. It kind of blinded you when you walked in the room, and it was hard to relax in there.


Our baby sister Amy never stopped crying, and Lisa blamed me, because I accidentally let her roll off the changing table. I wasn’t really old enough to patrol a baby seeing as how I was only five years old at the time. Lisa said that when I dropped her I broke her inside, like one of those talking dolls you get at a toy store. You drop it one time and it never shuts up. At the time, I believed her because I didn’t know any better. This was just one of the many forms of torture placed upon me.


Now, I can’t help but blame my parents, because they didn’t have much sense of what age was appropriate for a child to take care of another child. I had a few near death experiences myself.


Once, I was placed at the top of a hill in the storybook forest at Idewild Park. I was in a stroller, with a pond at the bottom. My sister who was only four and watching my buggy, was distracted (as most four-year-olds would be) by the famous “Good Ship Lollypop” and down I went. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the “Old Mother in the Shoe” I would not be here to tell the tale.


Another time my parents allowed us to play in the hotel pool while they relaxed on the balcony of our room. I had been told to stay in the shallow end. Lisa was supposed to watch me, but once again she became distracted. I did not know how to swim. Gradually I began to drift down deeper and deeper, almost walking along the bottom of the pool as if nothing was wrong. Luckily my father spied me from the balcony and rushed down the stairs. He leaped into the pool with all of his clothes on and saved me just in time.


Looking back it’s hard to believe that any of us survived with each other around, but now I don’t know how we could survive without each other around.