Golden Oldie by Mollie Wohlforth

Crack open your suitcase and tell me you’ve never cried on anything in there.

One day you will proudly identify as a Golden Oldie.

When your dad first took your mom out, he was a bad tipper.

The President of France is sacred of mice and of failing his daughter.

Someday you will remember the time that you were scared of living.

Never underestimate the power of leftover Chinese food to cure heartbreak.

Who irons overalls? I mean seriously.

When you kissed that boy, and all of the molecules of your body quaked, you shouldn’t have worried about making your bus.

Don’t forget how beautiful the opening seconds of a yawn can be.

That Birds of North America book you had in college, there was a love note in the back cover.

When you have forgotten all else, I hope you will remember me.