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Issue 13

Editor’s Newsletter:

’Tis the season for a blooming new issue with a crop of freshly- grown ideas. Submissions from our flock of writers included a mix of poetry, shorts and non-fiction alongside word-warbling responses to the thirteenth theme, Superstition and Myths.

The unlucky number brought burning fingers on a hand of glory; repercussions of fallen candles; a grow-your-own universe bought from Ebay, and if you’re a fan of Welsh fantasy fiction akin to Lord of the Rings, now’s a good time to be flying into the cuckoo’s nest.

Take our poetry under your wing for the coming months; we’ve got a mixed bag of verse that re-lights the traditions of Chinese new year lanterns, sequences scientific stanzas in a globe of dreams in Laws of Motion, and makes seasonal puns in The Spring.

Shorts bring us a view into different cultures, other-worldly narratives and intriguing characters, while Periodicals features chapters 5-10 of Figure of Eight. Or if you’re more of a non-fiction lover, migrate over to our pieces on popular (and non-popular) culture asking if the education system needs a re-think as well as a deconstruction of Fifty Shades of Grey that’ll give you something to cluck about…

So sit down, crack open an Easter egg and start the hunt for your favourite new read by our talented young writers.