Hong Kong Divided by Nicole Chan

Running for my life, the pounding of my heart thumps in my ears

Sounds of sirens blast

An arc of tear gas hisses through the air

My eyes water with pain, my sore throat burns, screaming for air

I slam head first on the cold cement pavement

Am I a criminal?


High-pitched screams echo in the night

Yellow Umbrellas open up in unison

Huge crowds dissolve, bodies falling onto each other

Shouting “Freedom”, my dry mouth is cracking with pain

I again surge forward with the few hundred thousand students,

Seething with anger at the police reaction.


What have I done wrong? I just want to vote.




My once fresh vegetables and meat

Rotting in my tiny restaurant in Central

My eyes fill with tears

I have spent my whole life to build this business

These two weeks, everything gone

How can they not see?


Watching the students blocking the streets

I quiver with anger at their actions

It hurts to see my children hungry

The anguish in my father’s eyes

The students have protested day after day, week after week

But I have no choice in this


Their selfish movement!