Grading by Anna Humphrey

The monotonous drone of an unenthusiastic teacher,
Praising the highest achiever, and challenging you to beat her.
Does this grade though really encompass my entire intellectual potential?
My future based on if this exam went well?
Does a percentage or an arrangement of mathematical symbols and letters
Decide if one person’s employability is better?

Should one be assessed on the information they have remembered?
Statistics, dates and formulae we have sourly savored.
Should we not judge others on depth of character?
Should the fact they can’t spell or dissect the key themes in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ really matter?

Does commenting condescendingly on a person’s education or speech
Boost ourselves a level on the intelligence ladder to the goal we want to reach?
If so, then people deemed at the top of this ladder should have authority over all,
After all they did go to a ‘Russell Group’ school.

By testing a society of individuals by the same test
We are excluding the kids who are doing the best they can but who aren’t deemed as “the best”.
For the kids who aren’t academic but who are especially kind,
For the kids whose ideas and essays can’t escape from their minds.
These are the kids who are forgotten within the pages of these examinations
These are the kids who resort to violence and outbursts to show their irritation.
Who are then excluded or moved into a supervised individual class
Who are deemed unsatisfactory for they did not obtain that all-important “pass”.

They say these grades and results represent how much you know,
Saying you have the same amount of knowledge as you did fifteen years ago.
Because GCSEs and A levels will never really leave you
They’re the ones that laugh when your uni says you didn’t get the grades that you needed to.
They’re the ones that betrayed you knowing how hard you had tried
They’re the ones who told you they would be good, but lied.

What happened to making an opinion on ones personality?
If we destroy the idea of labelling and being labelled we might find some clarity.