Fire Me Up by Marisa Salvia

Ignite me if you can.
If the rumors are true…
There’ve been proclamations you’re invincible
Turning girls shades of blue
As you take your flint and steel
As you set up stolen sticks
Campfires with stones ringed around your hips
But tell me, darling…
Have you ever tried to burn the incombustible?

I’m heartless.
I have absolutely no tools for you to work with
No rules for you to jerk with
I’ll inhale your sparks
Exhale these flames
Nice try, kid
But it’s worthless.

I’ve burned too many bridges to be bothered.
Make a wrong turn, you’ll be severed,
Complain too much, you’ll be conquered
Stick around, and you’ll be strained –
Put the cigarette to your mouth;
Release the ember frame
Puffs of smoke linger by your lips
Lick away the pain.

Darling, fire me up.
I promise I’ll destroy you
Make you feel everything at once
And after that, decoy you
I’ll have your lungs swollen with smoke
Until your gasping for air
I’ll extinguish your agony
But leave you filled with despair.

My crimson red eyes will possess your soul.
I’ll plant flowers in your chest
Only to eat them whole
I’ll form galaxies in your head
And count the stars at night
Then I’ll break all the telescopes
So they’re out of sight.

Darling – it’s been easy
But you’re not showing pain
I beat you up brutally
In hope to stay sane
But you stand there and remain
You crane your neck and you stain
My confusion is bleeding
You’ve burned strong through the rain.

They declared you’d disdain
Tango and tame my flame
They said you’d waste me to ash
And take your claim to fame
But as we spark and sizzle
Burn each other out
We’ll settle and simmer
Until the lights have gone out.

I find comfort in darkness;
It’s where I learned to grow
Where I created my foundation;
Where I rose and I posed
And I’ve never met someone
Who stayed long enough through the show
Who saw my dismembered ash
And searing sorrows overflow.

You see right through my soul
You see what’s wrong and you know
That everything I’ve burned
Is a defense too slow
Is a defense that hurts
That takes years to control.

So you fire me up
Ignite me with chance
We grow together to console
And conquer what we can
Instead of burning one another
We burn together, bright and bold
Fight fire with fire
Fight together; we’re gold.