The woman in the wardrobe by Lucy Miller-Trotter

My alarm clock was flashing 12:07 and then I saw her. Her crooked needle-like fingers ripped through my chest – clawing like a kitten searching for some long lost treasure. The pain was unbearable.

As suddenly as it started, it finished. I woke up, covered in a cold sweat, panting heavily. My alarm clock read 12:06. The fear swept over me starting from my chest and spreading through my body, waves of pure terror.

How long did I have left to live? Escape tactics went through my mind so quickly that I was frozen; not knowing what to do? There was no time to run. I tried to scream for my mum and dad; I knew if I did they’d come. But I couldn’t scream, no matter how hard I tried, I was petrified.

A dark figure appeared out of nowhere it glided towards me. Before I had time to react its’ ancient decayed fingers seized me and pulled me towards my wardrobe. I tried to break free. My systems were on red alert but my body was as lifeless as it was soon to stay. I was in the wardrobe; everything was black. I couldn’t see or hear anything, I gasped for breath but the walls were closing in on me. My chest was torn open I was in agony, the pain was too much! I was too aware what she was doing to me and then – she wasn’t.

I was back in bed, the clock read 12:08 and then 12:06 the nightmare had started again…