Taken from Me by Jacob Atkinson

Dear Adam,

It is fifteen years,
Fifteen years to the day
that you first passed away.
You looked so sickly in death, so pale;
You felt our mother’s loving embrace,
welcoming you to the human race.

Then you were gone,
snuffed out like a candle flame,
never to be heard or seen again.
But know that I never forget you
in sunshine or in rain,
And in everything I do,
you’re there in my heart again.

Burning so bright,
then a life snuffed out,
It sometimes doesn’t even bear
thinking about.
But you are remembered,
day by day,
Although the pain
never goes away.
I remember you with smiles,
smiles to hide the floods of tears inside.

But even though you only once felt
our mother’s loving embrace
You are with God,
in His Holy Place.