The smiles of the 1st World by Adwoa Owusu-Darko

I see the menace
The crinkled eye
Even when your lips morph to some sort of
I peer through your window
And see the eyes gleam as you push full lips
Nearly full circle one could say
I see the looks descend
To my ‘level’
If that’s what you can call it
As you push that thin line upon me
The twist and deceit evident
The appreciation and relief to those in your world
In the Armani’s, and Gucci’s
Another curve again
But not to those in
Dustbin’s and waste couture
What you crook and curve my way
In pathetic sympathy disappears..
When you enter your world
But I saw through the cracks
How you were one from
rags to Riches
the 3rd world see the deprivation
and see the privileged
regardless of the dystopia I live in
I can see the horse shoes you mindlessly throw
to a 3rd generation
in a
degenerative world.