We Are Not Heroes by Anneka Winder

You asked me late at night
Probably assumed I was asleep
But I wasn’t.
I just didn’t respond, is all
And I pretended like the ventilator drowned you
Now that you can’t hear me…
Here is the answer.

Where does a name go when we die?
Same place as the body.
Buried dirt, etched in rock for a little while
Until it weathers away
Until time forgets that it ever was
Or needed to be.

We’re not too special, humans. We
Like to think so. However,
If everyone ends up in the stars,
Which they might (you tell me),
It’s hard for the Earth to remember every name.
So it doesn’t.

Sometimes, though, a name slips back
Into the sky, who has seen all come and go.
It might witness a sunset fade
So that the people on Earth can sleep.
It might see that and think of your smile
Because your smile is so beautiful.

In that moment, it might whisper your name.
It might wonder where you got off to.
Or it might not.
Either way, you’ll fade away
With friends, one by one,
We will join in silence.
It will be alright.
The sun will rise.