Dancing Around The Maybes by Tave Burnett

The ways that we waste days
because we want to do something
productive, but we have to do something
else productive, so we procrastinate
to avoid doing what we should be doing
whilst wishing we were doing something.
We proclaim we’ll do it tomorrow,
like the boots I said I would clean tomorrow
three months ago, or the exams
I said I would revise for tomorrow,
that I just took, or the homework that
I said I would do tomorrow,
that was due yesterday. Because tomorrow
is so far away, but too soon it’s
here, so we wait for the next
tomorrow; they’re untouchable, just
touched. And we dance around the
maybes because we’re scared of the
future. We’re scared of the new.
We dance around the maybes,
we preach change but avoid it.
We put it off and lose ourselves
to the dance as we watch the days
bleed away and we tell ourselves
everything will be