Fall with Me by Madison McLeod

“You don’t have to kill me,” I repeat, probably for the eighth time now. My arms tighten around Nathan’s shoulders, clutching his ripped purple t-shirt with my raw hands. My red hair rushes around me with each flap of his wings as we fly closer to the moon. I wrap my legs higher around his body. “I can move to Japan or something like that and you can forget all about me. They can forget all about me.”

“What difference does that make?” he replies. “The Force-Elision has their ways of finding out the lie within a truth. When that happens, they’ll hunt you down and make sure that you die in a way that is much more terrible than falling to your demise.”

“Besides,” he shrugs, “we will all die sooner or later. I may not be able to control what they do to me, but I can prevent what horrors they would inflict on you.”

I glare at him. “That’s the best you got? You’re going to prove your love by murdering me? Did you ever love me? Or was it some sort of twisted game, a dare by your so-called friends, to see if you could lead a naive little sheep to the slaughter?” Nathan’s eyes narrow.

“I loved you the first time my unworthy soul saw you and I love you now, right at this moment. So much, in fact, that…”

“You would do anything to keep me safe. I get it,” I interrupt. I allow the thickened tension to settle between us with only the gusts of wind breaking the dark fragments of my mind. Then it hits me. I know that it is a crazy idea, created by the desperation and conflict of wanting to live and wanting to have him.

“Then fall with me,” I say. His blue eyes go wide, the moonlight showcasing the pools of water he had been trying to conceal from me. His blonde eyebrows rise as if he doesn’t understand.

“Escape with me. Take control of what is yours. The Force-Elision knows that both options will bring you heartache. Show them that you always have a choice.”

He stares at my face, contemplating. Time rests its dying hands on our shoulders.

Then his lips press fiercely against mine as his hands wrap tightly around my back, the beat of his wings ceasing.

I didn’t even notice the impact.