Lost in Thought by Anusha Ashock

There she walks along the deserted street,

Looking for somebody; something at least,

To guide her back to where she had left,

To take her hand and lead her there,

But no one comes to her aid.


Rain pours down and thunder claps,

There’s no roof above her head,

She wishes to return to her warm, cosy bed,

To collapse on to the duvet and instantly fall asleep,

But that is the past.


There she sits like a beggar on the road,

Petrified, exhausted, hungry and cold,

Desires to return and smell the fresh food,

The mouth-watering aroma wafting across the room,

But those are just dreams.


There she lays, dejected and alone,

With no friends or company, her thoughts unfold,

She remembers the caring family she had to leave behind,

Her kind parents’ faces in the back of her mind,

Impossible to push the feelings away.


There she reflects with her head in her hands,

She regrets what she has done to her family and friends,

Their shattered hearts assume her death,

A troubled relationship among them all,

All because of her.

Her heartbeats sound stridently in her ears,

Her mother’s sweet voice echoes in the distance,

Calling her for dinner so affectionately.

She begins to walk and disappears into the horizon,

For she knows where home is now.