Daddy’s little girl by Shannon Baxter

You’ll always be his little girl

Isn’t that what he always said?

You’ll always be with only him

As he laid you down to bed

You’ll only love him ever after

He’ll gently pat your head

And tell you daddy loves you lots

Cos that’s the life you’ve led


You’ll always be his number one

Until you’re his number two

He’ll always say he’d never choose

But that’s what fathers do

She just so little, just so cute

It bitter but it’s true

Such a shame you like to think

That girl who once was you


You’ll always wonder why it was

That someone else was there

Its funny looking back to think

That father didn’t care

He never thought his little girl

Her jealousy would flare

He always said I love you both

Love every little hair


But fathers have a special one

They hold a little more

They always have a certain child

They always wait for

They always have a memory

Of what was like before

Yes father pick within their hearts

Which child shall hold the floor


It’s not his fault i try to say

He never really chose

It’s not his fault his little girl

Caused his heart to close

When daddy sees his little princess

Sometimes his heart just knows

No matter how much he loves the rest

To her, his love still goes