Alpha by Jacob Armstrong

There you sit,

Shoulders swell with muscular pride, chest inflates.

Biceps taut, you lean forward,

Every breath a statement of dominance.


There you sit,

Words come easily, formed by masculine jaw.

Your lips move, tainted by arrogance,

Every phrase rupturing my self-confidence.


Relationships a hormonal blur,

Friendships a puerile skirmish.




Beneath that pale skin,

Rippled with muscle,

The flesh is unclean.


Beneath that self-love,

That pride,

That vanity.


Beneath that towering strength,

A fault,

A crack,

An instability.


I pity you.

Oh, how I pity you.


There you sit,

A vulnerable titan, fractured,

You relax, surrounded by rejection,

Every eye seething with resentment.


The alpha male.