Arts Award

At Cuckoo Young Writers, we really like Arts Award. We think it’s a great way of supporting young people to develop as artists and become arts leaders. It deepens engagement with arts and culture, AND gets you a nationally recognised qualification, which is brilliant for personal statements and CVs.

Already doing Arts Award? We can help!


If you’re already doing Arts Award with another organization or through school, Cuckoo Young Writers offers loads of activities that you can use towards it. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Our Cuckoo Young Writers groups and projects offer opportunities to try out a totally new art form or to extend the skills you already have, through trying out a new form or genre of writing. Our groups often produce zines, pamphlets or put on performances which would make excellent Arts Award evidence. They could be used at Bronze, Silver or Gold Level.

Sign up to Cuckoo Review, our online arts journalism site, and get access to gigs, plays, films, books and exhibitions that are perfect for the reviewing element of Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. Your review will also be published online, and you can collect feedback via social media on your work.

Cuckoo Chronicle, our literary magazine for 15-21 year olds, offers the opportunity to get your creative work published and to share it with others.

You can talk to us about writers and cultural opportunities in the North, and career opportunities in literature, publishing and journalism. is a great place to start!

To find out more about anything Arts Award-y or to ask about getting involved in our Arts Award opportunities, please contact or call 0191 204 8850.

You can also check out the Arts Award website here.